If you’re considering switching to a new credit card processor, regardless of how much money they are claiming to save you each month on your rates and fees, there’s an important aspect of credit card processing that’s hard to assign a value to. That’s customer and technical support.

If you have a problem, how difficult is it going to be to contact technical support at 10:00 pm? If you’re a restaurant, for example, your busiest hours are going to be after the close of ordinary business. That means that just about any problem that you have with your credit card processing could easily translate to lost sales.

Nobody’s perfect, and there are always going to problems that come up, but what really matters isn’t whether or not the problems come up, but how quickly and easily they are resolved. If you’re having trouble with your terminal, will your processor overnight you a new one?

These are the types of things that really count when it comes to service in credit card processing. Don’t be so easily convinced to switch, especially if it’s just for a couple of dollars each month. You should do a fair amount of research on the new processor to make sure that their current customers are happy, or at least to see that there aren’t too many dissatisfied customers.